Lightness-of-Mandalas, Artwork by Hellen

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Applying a mandala motif on a glass panel of a room door has resulted in a large number of mandala fantasies, creations on glass in glass paint, glass beads, glass crystals, sequins and filigree in silver and gold.
Framed mandalas have a special lighting, allowing to enjoy them in the evening as well. Moreover, the lights suddenly make them look different.

Because of various interests, you will find my portfolio on this website. It includes several mandala designs. Sometimes two creations use the same mandala design, but the materials used and another plane interpretation make each creation unique. The smallest mandalas have a diameter of 10 cm; the largest have a diameter of 27 cm.

On special request I make you a mandala or mandala-lamp.
You may therefor provide your own design, but you can also make a choice in the portfolio. Together we will define the color scheme and the price.

You can leave a message on this website via the contact page.

NEW! Free downloads of some of my designs!